what is up Y.E.S International Academy. I am Daniel Park........ Now it's been about 2 weeks or so, and I still want to go back to Canada. I miss you guys and welcome group.29!! Canada is a wonderful place to be and I still can remember being in Canada. I also remember my home stay family and now they have a new student, which is Joshua... Joshua, your home stay is really great to be and your home stay is really nice. Don't worry about anything, things will change and your family home stay family and I will pray for you. I really miss everyone in Y.E.S, and my mom said that I can go back to Canada and meet your home stay and say hello to Y.E.S. Those fabulous places that I went with Codling's family was really memorable. I have started a new life and at the same time I have a lot of fame by girls and boys. I miss you Mattaya and hopefully I will see you soon too. Y.E.S teachers, I really thankful to you guys and it really helped me in school....... I just thankful to everyone. Especially Jin teacher you are a really fabulous man. When I am sad you always come to me and encourage me and letting me play soccer in Canada. You are just touched by God, the holy spirit. Looking forward to filial piety to my friends and family. Under God's touch I will study hard and will not surrender on anything. Y.E.S live under the God's touch!


wow I miss you so much daniel! 박성욱 2018-04-22 06:21

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